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Noble Hemp Company was formed as a result of the founder's long-term struggle with diagnosed insomnia and sleep apnea. After years of trying a myriad of interventions that included machines, jaw splints, naturopathic medicines, and prescription drugs, he found hemp-derived CBD and it changed his life forever. 

After extensive testing of over thirty variants, extractions, carriers, and producers we found the best of the best 100% organically grown, Colorado single-origin cultivator. We also use the finest quality, and fewest possible ingredients and carrier oils such as fractionated coconut, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. 

For example, our human and pet tinctures contain only two ingredients, full-spectrum, high CBD extract and fair trade, certified organic MCT oil, nothing more, nothing less.  

This journey and process drove us to build the absolute best products in the market for both humans and pets.

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