Honey Colored Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract

At Noble Hemp Company, we ONLY use full spectrum distillate. Most of the lower quality tinctures use the raw CBD oil, which retains a lot of plant material, including chlorophyll and some unsavory impurities. We go the extra step to use a best-in-class extraction technology that leaves us with a honey-like extract that retains ALL the essential plant extract with a lovely, light, floral flavor that you can actually enjoy.

There are other companies that can achieve quality nearly as good as Noble Hemp Company but they are two to three times the price. We live our mission statement:

Noble Hemp Company delivers the highest quality hemp-derived products in the world, at an attainable price.

From Soil to Oil - Noble Hemp Company Hemp Extract Manufacturing Process:

1. Hemp is grown on 35-yr old USDA certified organic vegetable farm (Colorado).

2. Hemp is dried using ‘Hang Dry’ method – results in superior quality materials for extraction, maximizing the potential of the plant and final extract.

3. Hemp is macerated and extracted using best in class extraction methods.

4. Our double extraction process results in a honey-colored full spectrum extract (Some other brands use a crude extraction process which yields a tar-like extract that’s dark brown in color. This is due to the quantity of chlorophyll left behind in this less comprehensive and cheaper extraction technique).

5. Our Organically Grown Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is then lovingly blended with best in class Coconut-Derived Organic MCT Oil (and in some cases - natural flavoring - no added sweeteners).

6. Product is then bottled, labeled, safety-sealed, batch and lot tested in a GMP food safe lab.

7. Enjoy!

Made in the USA in Boulder, Colorado

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